Manicure Booth & Appointments

Hi everyone! Wanna get your nails done but you have a lower/tighter budget? Read on to check out what I have to offer! 🙂

Manicure Booth

Looking for a manicure booth for your party or event to keep your guests occupied? Contact me here, or send me an email me at for more information and rates!


CNY Manicure Booking  >

General Rates

●Plain manicure @ $8 – $12 (depending on the polish used)

●Nailart manicure @ $18 – $40 (depending on design & materials used)

What’s Included?

*Filing of nails ✔

*Application of cuticle oil at the end of the manicure ✔

*Base coat used: OPI Nail Envy

*Top coat used: Seche Vite, Poshe (both fast drying)



Just flash me your NRIC /Ezlink card to get 15% off your total bill during your birthday month.

2.  BFF

Bring a friend along and get 10% off both of your bills!


Subscribe to my Blog, Instagram and Facebook to get $1 off your total bill.

** Discounts 1 and 2 cannot be stacked. However, discount 3 can be stacked with either.

** For Discount 2, if it is the birthday month for either of you, Discount 1 will be applied instead for the birthday star. The other person will still be able to enjoy Discount 2.

Booking / Price Quote

Step 1, Choose a design.

You can choose a design from anywhere. Google, magazines etc.

OR you can view the designs that I have painted on my Instagram Profile or Pinterest wall.

Step 2, Contact me.

Send me the design you have chosen for a price quote!

You can choose to contact me here, email me at, direct message me on Instagram or Facebook message me via Pobbynails.

Step 3, Book a time slot.

Venue: My humble little home in Sengkang with my nail art supplies and materials 🙂

Weekdays: 7.30pm onwards

Weekends: 10.00am onwards

*Please Note

#I do not do Gel Manicures or Gel removal~~

#I am not a professional manicurist. I am nail-art blogger who does loads of nail art!

#I do not allow males to enter my house.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any queries!

Last updated: 10th January 2016





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