Hi everyone! Welcome!

ME  \\  My name is Priscilla Lim and I’m from Singapore. I studied Math and specializes in Statistics.

ONCE UPON A TIME  \\ Why nail art? I have no idea. It all started when my friend introduced dotting tools to me. One day, I wanted more than just dots on my nails, so I got myself a set of nail art brushes. Another day, I need more colours, so I bought more colours. Another day, … …  & so I started an Instagram account just to profile my nails and nail art. 🙂

OTHER HOBBIES  \\  I like to sing, play the guitar (I’m a noob but I like it) and collect board games that are really fun! I feel sad not being able to play my guitar and uke due to my long nails, but I just can’t bear to cut them short. Maybe one day.

APPOINTMENTS  \\  I provide freelance manicure services in Singapore (Sengkang)! For more information on the rates and discounts, click here! & Of course, my rates for nail art are definitely much lower than that in nail salons. So just feel free to contact me for quotes! 🙂

Thank you for dropping by!




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