Deck Your Nails For Christmas

Have you decided on the nail design that you will be wearing for Christmas? Many would opt for the mesh up of the cutest Christmas nail designs around and some would leave them naked. How about matching your nails to your accessories? Read on to learn more about my inspirations for this design!

A couple of weeks ago, Abbey from Julep contacted me and asked if I would like to share my holiday look. Well.. WHY NOT?! 🙂 However, this happened right after my post on Christmas Nail Art, so it took me quite a while to get inspired again.

I was lazing around one day, scrolling through Instagram. That was when I chanced upon the Gradient-Snowflake design by LacquerShots. I fell in love with the subtle ombré and the gradual disappearance of the snow. At the same time, the image of my recent buy from Frou-Frou Sg appeared in my mind.

CELESTE Statement Necklace from Frou-Frou Sg

This was the necklace that I thought of and I went “Let’s deck my nails now!”.

Polishes used: Essence Cosmetics – You Belong To Me, 3CE – WH01
Studs: Born Pretty Store

I did not want to flood my nails with rhinestones, therefore, I decided to go with some silver studs to match the chain of the necklace. I am pretty satisfied about how it turns out! & now, my nails accessorize me.

You can match your accessories by comparing them to some pretty colours. YES, BRING YOUR ITEM TO YOUR SCREEN!

Other than matching your nails with your accessories, you can try to match them with your pretty shoes, dresses or your handbag. Let your nails be part of your Christmas, they deserve to be pretty! ❤

& that’s all for today folks! 2 days to Christmas!





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