Stain Removal

You must be wondering who was the bad guy who did this to my nails! I will be revealing the culprit later in this post. Today, I will be sharing with you a quick tip to remove nail polish stains from your nails. Read on to learn more!

I do not always get nail polish stains. However, I would feel depress whenever it happens, just like in the picture above. There was once when my thumb got caught in the stains left behind by Sinful Colors’ Savage. I did not do anything to salvage it as I thought nothing could have been done since the acetone from nail polish removers does not even work. For one and the half months, my “naked” thumb was gross.

Stains appeared again after a recent manicure, and this time, 3 FINGERS! I know I had to do something. I texted Karise (@nailsbykarise) about it as I know that she has recently encountered with stubborn stains and has managed to remove them. & this was what she told me to do.

A little toothpaste(I used Darlie) and a nail scrubbing brush. After 6-8 minutes of scrubbing, my nails went back to normal! Better than normal (colour-wise) actually.

There are other methods in which you can adopt to remove the stains from your nails. For example, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and baking soda, lemon and baking soda etc. However, I have not tried them all. I have only tried using H2O2 and baking soda to lighten the yellow stains caused by the regular painting of my nails. In my opinion, it is not very effective unless you diligently do it every week or on a regular basis. In any case, a word of advice, something that is good ain’t good if used too much. Therefore, I would rather stick to yellow nails than to ruin them.

p.s. These methods that I’ve tried are found all over the net. Personally, I did not encounter any aftermath. However, if you have sensitive skin or any medical issues that concern your nails, skin and health. I would advise you not to try them out.

If you have followed me, you would’ve seen the Reindeer-Snowflake nail design that I did recently for The Nailies Christmas Collaboration. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. That pretty blue base colour (OPI Liquid Sand – Tiffany Case) was the culprit of my stains! I was really disappointed. It was such a beauty but I have no courage to use it again(unless I do not mind scrubbing).

Here I have with me three notorious polishes that stained my nails:

Left to Right: Sinful Colors – Savage, Revlon – Full House, OPI Liquid Sand – Tiffany Case

As mentioned, I did not try to remove the stains I got from Sinful Colors’ Savage, therefore, I have no idea how stubborn was the stain. For Revlon’s Full House, the stain was mild and acetone did the job.

What are some of the nail polishes that gave you a heart attack after you remove your manicure? Share with me under the comments below! It’s about time we create a list of them! </3

& that’s all for today folks! 4 more days to Christmas!





2 thoughts on “Stain Removal

  1. Yep Tiffany Case was my first big stainer. I was kind of freaked out, so I tried a few different things from online searches, but ended up literally bleaching my nails. Nowadays I don’t worry about it, I just give them a good scrub with remover and/or Blue Cross cuticle remover, maybe a little buffing. I’m just going to cover it again, so I don’t really sweat it anymore. I used some bright blues recently similar to what you have pictured (an LA Colors from Dollar Tree Called Baby Blue, and a KB Shimmer glitter called Watercolor) and they stained despite a stain preventing base coat. RBL Motorini was another recent stainer, again a blue/green.

    • Thank you for sharing! Seems like most of the staining polishes that both of us own are blue/green. Hmmm. That was a little unexpected as I thought there will be more of red and pink coming from most of the people. I am a hoarder for blue polishes and that explains the 3 polishes mentioned in my post.
      Stains do not bother me as much, like you mentioned, as I paint my nails frequently too. However, there are always times where we just wanna leave them naked and the stains aren’t exactly pleasant to look at. & yea! Trying out a couple of methods too much will harm our nails. Damn! KBShimmer Water Color is such a pretty!

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