Lumina Lacquer – Defying Gravity

Hi everyone! Today, I have with me Defying Gravity from Lumina Lacquer. This is my first bottle of Lumina Lacquer as well as my first bottle of big chunky glitters. Read on to learn more about this glitter polish!

Defying Gravity is described as “A glitterbomb of periwinkle, turquoise, and white in various shapes (hexes, stars, hearts, dots, moons) in a clear base. Also includes iridescent blue micro glitter.” I must say that the description is absolutely accurate and right on the point. The main thing that attracted me to purchase this glitter polish is the fact that it has crescents! Being a hoarder of blue polishes, I fell in love with the polish at first sight. However, we know that glitter polish can be a hassle during application. That was my only hesitation. However, Mei Mei Signatures was having a 30% sale and so I added it into my cart!

Macro Shot of Defying Gravity

Here’s a macro shot of Defying Gravity. As you can see, it is pretty much as described on Lumina Lacquer’s website. I personally feel that no doubt the glitters are big, they are rather easy to pick if you over turn the bottle for some time before using it. This way, the glitters will be concentrated near the opening of the bottle and it will then be a breeze to pick them up. However, most of the glitters are hexes. Therefore, you do need some effort to fish for the stars, crescents and hearts. For me, it took me quite some time to fish a white crescent and a periwinkle heart.

In conclusion, this is definitely a great buy for me. The coverage is good, the application has no major problems and the glitters are well mixed. I would suggest painting Defying Gravity over a dark base because the glitters are of light and bright colours. On the contrary, I would also like to try painting it over a white base (maybe I will exclude the white glitters in this case).

& that’s all for today folks!





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