It’s December. Christmas Nail Art!

Hi folks! It’s finally my favourite month of the year! Hello December! We all know that Christmas is around the corner and practically, no one separates Christmas from December. It’s like DECEMBER = CHRISTMAS. Therefore, it is never too early to get festive! Today, I will be sharing with you two of my recent manicures and some from last December. These nail designs are xmas themed and I hope you will like them! Read on to find out more! 🙂

Santa Claus is coming to town!! This is the first Christmas nail design that I painted this year. My favourite is definitely the Christmas tree as well as little Santa.

Vertical shot of my first Xmas manicure in 2014

Here’s another shot of my first Xmas manicure for 2014. I got the gold star stud from Born Pretty Store.

Last year, during my meet up with The Nailies, we did a similar Christmas tree design inspired by @henulle from Instagram. We admired the ombre Christmas tree that she did and decided to include it into our Christmas Collaboration 2013. Here’s the design.

The Nailies Christmas Collab 2013

This Christmas tree is one of my favourite designs for Christmas manicures. I love the ombre effect of the tree and fell in love with it when I first saw it on Henulle’s page.

Next up, Candy Cane! Did this set of nails last week and they were inspired by Lucy’s Stash candy cane nail design that she did in 2012.

Honestly, I have never eaten a candy cane before. I wonder how it tastes like. This design is so lovely because it makes me feel like I can grow candy canes from snow! How I wish it snows in Singapore rather than #summer #summer #summer #summer #summer ! 😦

There! Another shot of my Candy Cane + Snow nails. & Yup. There’s my crooked pointer finger. 🙂

Now, I’ll be sharing with you some of my creations last December. Well… apart from my beginner nail-painting skills, do pardon the snow and light bokeh (you’ve already seen a sample of it in the ombre xmas tree manicure above). I was really new to Instagram and I thought that they fit pretty well to my Xmas nails! Actually, I still think that they look nice with my Christmas nailfies. HAHAHA!

Simple Christmas Colours! I haz long nails.

First Attempt of Christmas Sweater Nails

Round nails. My Cinderella (right) hand with a Santa Hat ❤

Hope you liked these Christmas nail designs that I did! If you’ve prepped your nails with an Xmas tinge, share it with me under the comments section! I’d love to see them!

Also, stay tune! I will be updating about The Nailies from Singapore together with another Xmas nail design soon! 🙂

& that’s all for today folks.

Meanwhile… HAPPY POLISHING and Jingle All The Way~~!



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