Daily Hues Nail Lacquer — Limited Edition Mystery Duo (Oct / Nov 2014)

 photo DailyHueOctNovDuo-01_zps800f4f20.png

Hi folks! It has been awhile! Last week, I was out of the country. I went to Taiwan for a short trip and to visit my love. THE TRIP WAS AWESOME! That aside, today I have with me two polishes from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer. You might not be able to find the individual listings of these polishes on their online store because these are actually from their October/November mystery box! Approximately four months ago, Daily Hues Nail Lacquer came up with bi-monthly mystery boxes. These mystery boxes contain limited edition polishes that are specially made for this purpose and will not be sold (I supposed) after the end of every two months. This is their second mystery duo for the months October and November. Read on for a full review and their swatches!

Indoor Shot of LE #3

What a pretty pink! This is LE #3, a shimmery pink. On top of the minute glitters, LE #3 has a metallic edge to itself. Application was very smooth and it took two coats for full coverage.

Another Indoor shot of LE #3

Here’s another shot of LE #3 taken indoors. With its shimmer, I’m pretty sure it will be a good base for stamping nail art! Argh. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?! Would have stamped some images over if I was a little more innovative when painting my nails. Hmm. Let’s have a look at some outdoor shots.

Outdoor shot of LE #3

I must say LE #3 looks pretty mature under natural sunlight. The pink looks a little maroon, a little lipstick-ish.

Another Outdoor shot of LE #3

Here’s an upside down shot. Trying to be artsy here. HAHA! I love how the glitters reflect the sunlight! However, I still prefer the indoor look of this polish — a hotter pink. ❤

Macro Shot of LE #3

The above is a macro shot of LE #3 that I took near my window. IN LOVE. SO PRETTY!

Indoor shot of LE #4

What’s after #3? #4. This is LE #4 from the Oct/Nov 2014 mystery box! Well… being a sucker for glitters, I definitely prefer this to LE #3 (Sorry #3!).

LE #4 is a glitter bomb made up of  square, hexagonal and round glitters that are holographic. My pictures definitely do not do justice for this glitter bomb. It is SUPER PRETTY!

Outdoor shot of LE #4

I have sponged three layers of LE #4 using a makeup sponge for this look. I chose to sponge because I do not want to have thick layers of clear polish on my nails and sponging glitter bombs (that do not contain fine glitters) allows the glitters to spread better and have better coverage over our nails. Overall, I think that the application/sponging will be easier if the polish is denser. Not that it is difficult, but I do have to sponge the 4th layer for my ring finger to cover certain untouched areas on my nail.

Macro Shot of LE #4

Here’s the macro shot of LE #4. IT’S SOOOO PRETTY! I love how the glitters overlap each other. It is like a mesh of colours that brightens up my day.

In conclusion, this mystery duo definitely surprised me. When I asked Jenn (founder of Daily Hues Nail Lacquer) how does each polish look like, she refused to tell me and hinted me that one of them is a glitter bomb and the other is a holo polish. Although LE #3 did not turn out to be as holo as I expected it to be, I still think that it is a great polish for a quick nail up-do!

You can check out more polishes from Daily Hues Nail Lacquer at http://dailyhuesnaillacquer.storenvy.com/ or follow them on Instagram for more updates! 🙂

& that’s all for today folks!




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