My First Glam Polishes + Little Frankenstein

Hello everyone! Midweek is almost over and soon it will be Friday! ūüôā Today, I will be sharing with you two polishes from Glam Polish. These are my very first Glam Polishes! Also, let’s say hello to Little Franky! I did not expect this, but he turned out to be a little too cute. All right! Let’s get started. Read on to find out which are the two polishes!¬†

Freak Show by Glam Polish

First up, we have Freak Show. Freak Show is a crelly polish that contains many blue and green specks of different shapes and sizes. They include circles and hexes. The base colour of Freak Show is similar to the¬†colour of soy milk with a tinge of green. I have used three coats to attain the look on my middle finger. As for my pointer and pinky, I painted two thin coats of Freak Show over two coats of¬†Don’t Touch My Tutu (a very sheer white)¬†by OPI. I personally prefer the look on my pointer and pinky because Freak Show is actually very densely populated with glitters which can then lead to overcrowding of glitters at the third coat.

Application was not too bad. However, I have to filter the  glitters a little (back into the bottle) to make sure that the final look will not be too messy.

Macro shot of Freak Show and Little Franky

Polishes used for Little Franky: Pastel Lime by Vidanail, Black Onyx by OPI, Black Acrylic Paint by OMNI.

Nickle Nackle by Glam Polish

Moving on, we have Nickle Nackle. As you realised, this bottle is one of the older bottles of Glam Polish. Nickle Nackle is made up of circles and hexes of different sizes in three different colours¬†‚ÄĒ iridescent blue, neon pink and purple. The jelly base of Nickle Nackle is rather sheer and I have to say that it took me awhile to pick up the larger glitters in the bottle. The above shows three coats of Nickle Nackle and ample amount of topcoat was needed to smooth the surface of the polish. Given a choice, I would¬†stop at two coats. Two coats will be¬†enough for full coverage, however, I went on to three because I covered the glitters on the first coat.

Another shot of Nickle Nackle by Glam Polish

Honestly, I would love to combine this polish with some nail art (like what I did for Freak Show). I really love the combination of blue, pink and purple.

I got these two bottles of Glam Polish from Carousell¬†(an app which¬†people use to sell pre-loved/brand new items & which I am super addicted to). I’m pretty sure that these shades are discontinued. However, Glam Polish has many other awesome polishes. You can find them at their main online store¬†as well as some international stockists.

Having said these, I have to confess that I am a total sucker for crellies (and this is not the first time that I have said something like this HAHA). Although crellies are not easy to work with, they make each and every finger look unique. No two people are able to re-create the exact same manicure given the same bottle of crelly. Moreover, they create so much depth in manicures, like literally  you can see glitters embedded in the bottom layers! Do you have a favourite crelly polish? Share it with me!

& that’s all for today folks!

Meanwhile… HAPPY POLISHING! ‚̧



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