The Face Shop — Trendy Nails

Hi folks! On my recent walk-in into The Face Shop, I realised that the basic polishes were on clearance sale at 5 for SGD10.90 (U.P. SGD14.50) and the colours were really limited. On the other note, I found that The Face Shop has launched a new line of polishes — TRENDY NAILS. It seemed to me that The Face Shop plans to replace the LOVELY ME:EX polishes with this new line of polishes. I approached one of the store assistants and asked about it. She said that this is not confirmed, but it seems like that is the plan.

Then, I saw a couple of colours which I have never seen before from the old line of polishes. YES. I GRABBED THEM. For a start, I got two bottles which caught my eyes. Here comes the swatches!

This is BL605 그녀의 불루 (That girl’s blue). It is a denim blue or rather, a dark shade of periwinkle. The above shows one coat of the polish. YES THAT’S RIGHT. ONE COAT. I guess I was able to pick up the right amount of polish on the first try. I was really amazed by the coverage of this creme polish. It is not streaky and the application was considerably smooth.

I was curious whether The Face Shop had launched this colour before, so I went to Google “BL605 The Face Shop”. It was no surprise to see that this colour was actually from the earliest batch of The Face Shop basics (Photo Credit: Mari Carrillera).

Next up, we have GR502 스위트 민트 (Sweet Mint). I LOVE THIS COLOUR! It is like Tiffany! The colour of this polish in real life is less blue and more green compared to my swatch above which was taken in a light tent. Unlike BL605, I used two coats for the full coverage of Sweet Mint. The first coat was a little streaky and you can see empty spaces on your nails. The overall application was considerably smooth too.

After some swatches, it is time to do a comparison between TRENDY NAILS and LOVELY ME:EX (the clearance bottles that I have mentioned). The colour that I used for the comparison is GR506 (left bottle).

BOTTLES: In my opinion, I definitely prefer the new bottle to the old bottle. It just looks nicer to me!



As shown in the above picture, TRENDY NAILS has a wider and longer brush compared to LOVELY ME:EX. A wider brush can actually help to smooth the application of the polish.

PRICES: LOVELY ME:EX: SGD2.90 per bottle vs TRENDY NAILS: SGD3.90 per bottle

APPLICATION: For these two polishes in particular, I feel that there is no difference in the application. Both of them were smooth and needed two coats for full coverage. However, this might not be a fair comparison because they are of different shades. Different shades of polishes will have different consistencies and therefore, the application may be different. GR506 is the closest shade that I can find within my collection of The Face Shop polishes. I did try to google “GR502 The Face Shop”. Well, the results showed a different colour.

In conclusion, the price went up and the volume decreased. Nonetheless, the repackaging actually makes it more visually appealing. I am not sure whether I will spend on these polishes because what attracted me to buy was the price. Now with a ≈33% increase in price, I think I would give it a second thought unless I can feel a vast difference in the application and formula. On the other hand, I would probably get them if there are new colours or crellies (eg. the yoghurt series) that catch my eyes.

& that’s all for today!




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