Hello October

Hello October! Time flies. Two more months and we will be preparing for Christmas exchange, eating turkey and singing jingle bells! Today, I will be bringing to you three manicure designs that I have done over the week. Here is a peek at the first design — Starry Starry Night. Wanna learn more about the two other designs? Continue reading! ūüôā

This design was inspired by One Nail To Rule Them All. One of my greatest wish is to see such a sight in real life. Singapore may be a country that is blessed with a good geographical location near the equator and free from most natural hazards, however, she lacks beautiful scenery¬†like this. Mountains, a sky full of stars, blue clear water and soft sand are not things that you can find in Singapore. Therefore, I would die to get a peek of a sight like this! ‚̧

If you are wondering, the base colour that I have used for my manicure is Dream by ZOYA. This is rumoured¬†as the “must-have” from ZOYA and¬†well,¬†I am not surprised. Dream has a jelly base and it is filled with minute glitters. I wore two coats of Dream in the above picture. Application was A.W.E.S.O.M.E! Needless to say, the coverage is wonderful too. I am actually very impressed by the application and coverage of this polish. Given the fact that it has a jelly base, I guess for two coats, it did a wonderful job.

Here is another shot of my dream scene.

Polishes used: Dream by ZOYA, WH01 (white) by 3CE, Black Onyx by OPI.

Next up, we have a playful design! I was contemplating between a monochrome design and pink manicure. Then I thought, why not both? It has been some time since I last did a vertical-striped manicure. Picked out a couple of pink striper polishes from Art Deco and started painting stripes! So this is the final look, what do you think? I really like this look!

Polishes used: Pure White by VidaNail, CMX324 (monochrome glitters) by The Face Shop, Black and 4 x pink striper polishes by L.A. Colors Art Deco.

Last but not least… HALLOWEEEEEEEN. To be honest, Halloween is just another word in our dictionary. It is pretty sad to say that we do not celebrate Halloween in Singapore. I have zero¬†experience with Trick or Treat and Halloween costumes. However, looking at all the awesome Halloween manicures posted up by various artist, I decided to use this chance to try out some drip nails! I have been seeing all sorts of drip nails even before I started nail art, but I could not find a chance to paint them. To be honest, I was trying to re-create blood drips. However, the blood turned out to be much nicer than I have expected it to be. The shimmers from the red polish made me feel that it is probably¬†some vampire royal blood. HAHAHAHAHA!

Polishes used: Black Onyx by OPI, Chyna (textured Pixie Dust) by ZOYA, H.K. Girl Top Coat (2 coats) by Glisten and Glow.

& that’s all for today folks!




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