When September Ends

Hi everyone! Once again, it is the end of another month. September has been a fruitful yet stressful month for me. I kept myself busy so that time would pass faster and I am really glad to have a hobby which I look forward to everyday! Today, I will be bringing to you some designs which I have done over the week. They will be shown in chronological order. These include the dotticure shown below, ombre/gradient nails, some roses, some daisies as well as some swatches! If you have followed me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you would probably have seen them! Let’s read on to learn more about my week!

This dotticure was inspired by the packaging box of some moon cakes . We Chinese eat moon cakes during Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the 8th September this year. This was my very first attempt on a pure dotted manicure. I used to dot my nails in a horizontal sequence, until recently, I realized that dotting vertically makes the manicure look cuter and makes your nails look longer! Polishes used: Mod About You by OPI, Mink Muffs by Essie.

Next up, we have some roses. It was one fine day in which I saw @sallyhansensg‘s post on Instagram on a surprise giveaway. So I promptly decided to participate! I took out all my Sally Hansen’s nail polishes and I stared at them for five minutes. After that, I decided to do a rose-wall  manicure as shown above!  The contest ended last Friday, and a BIG THANK YOU ❤ to all who gave my picture a thumbs up! I MANAGED TO CLINCH THE 2nd PLACE! 🙂 You can check out the manicure of the other winners here. Polishes used: Scarab by Sally Hansen, Speedy Sunburst by Sally Hansen, I Pink I Can by Sally Hansen, Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze, Pastel Lime by Vida Nail, WH01 (White)  by 3CE.

It was mid-week, had to paint something vibrant to brighten up my day! Ombre nails! I named this the Never-Say-Bye-To-Summer nails. I know that Fall has arrived in many countries. However, in Singapore, we will never ever get to experience the four seasons until 200 million years later.

The above is a picture of me preparing for the manicure. Some people asked me why did I do this. This method was taught to me by my friend. Many of us know that the oils in the polishes will separate from the colour if we leave them untouched for a long time. So what we usually do is to roll the bottle in between our palms to mix them, else some would shake it vigorously. I will not recommend the latter as it may create bubbles in the polish. To me, rolling the polish between our palms is not very effective. Therefore, before every manicure, if time allows, I would overturn the selected bottles for about 1 hour. This way, the oil will spread evenly throughout the bottle. However, do not leave the bottle overturned for too long. This is because, the oils will float to the very top again, and this defeats the purpose of overturning them. Polishes used: Float On by China Glaze,  Sun Of A Peach by China Glaze, Re-fresh Mint by China Glaze, Highlight Of My Summer by China Glaze.

Here’s another shot of my Never-Say-Bye-To-Summer nails under sunlight. If you realized, I’ve overturned the yellow polish but I did not use it. That is because I wanted to use this as the base of my Daisy Nails (to be mentioned). However, I think it looks too loud for daisies. So I changed my mind.

The above is a swatch of G993, 블랙펄R코드 (which I assumed it translates to Black Pearl R Coat) by CODE. My awesome friend Audree got it for me from Korea while she was there for her grad trip. Black Pearl R Coat is a black and gold mix which gives us a mysterious feeling. The gold glitters are very fine and are densely populated in the black polish. This is two coats of of G993 and I really love how it turns out. Application was pleasant. P.S.: DID YOU REALIZED THAT THIS IS MY CINDERELLA HAND?! YES! A RARE SIGHT OF MY RIGHT HAND! My right hand has fatter nails. I filed it down a couple of days ago and I really love this look! However, I cannot bear to cut the nails on my left hand. :/

Putting that aside, here’s the macro shot of G993, Black Pearl R Coat. Look at the glitter coverage on the brush! ❤

WOOHOO! Best part of my week! Did a 12-man collaboration with the Nailies! I love each and every manicure shown above! ❤ If you are wondering who we are, we are a bunch of nail art addicts from Singapore. We met each other on Instagram and decided to come together to share anything! Click HERE to learn more about us! Guess what? We have expanded again! From six of us last Christmas, to nine of us this May, now we are 12-man strong! Recently, we have three new members and they are @jelliekat88, @manukamelts and @nailmachine. Nail art is much more interesting with friends around. Don’t you think so?

This is the solo shot of my contribution for the collaboration. It is a very simple daisy manicure topped with Fairy Dust.

Polishes used: GN03 by 3CE, Red Bean by Vida Nail, WH01 (White) by 3CE, Lemon Fizz by China Glaze, Fairy Dust by China Glaze.

Last but not least! Here’s a swatch of Douceur by piCture pOlish. One of the favourite crellies in my collection. Douceur has a sweet and sheer pink base colour, and it contains round pink glitters. I have used 2 coats of Douceur for the above look. Application was awesome considering that it is a crelly. Crellies tend to have streaky consistencies, however, Douceur is a counter example. Smooth and nice, this is definitely something you would like if you love crellies! 🙂

Wow. I can’t believe that I summarized my week in this post! I can even see the difference in the length of my nails! Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my week like how I enjoyed my last week of September!

Last but not least, here’s the song that you can only sing once per year:

& that’s all for today folks!




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