Weekend Twin Nails and Pictorial

Good day folks! How was your week? Mine was really fulfilling! Had dinner with my BFFs, invited them over to my house for a movie and not to mention, nail art. This week, I did twin nails with Kimberlyn from Nail Machine, a talented 17-year-old nail blogger from Singapore! #yaytolocals HAHA. Here’s our collaboration and I think that it turned out pretty well! Learn more about this manicure after the jump! I have also included a pictorial for this look. So… ENJOY! 🙂

Kimberlyn and I decided to recreate this design done by @elle_oh_die from Sois Polish for piCture pOlish Blog/Insta Fest 2014 because it is just too awesome!

This manicure may look like it is easy to create, like com’on, it is just a few strips of striping tape right? NO WAY. I shall debunk this idea today at the later part of this post! :O

For this design, I have used two polishes from The Face Shop —  GR501 (Minty Green) and Medium Dark Brown (not sure what is the colour code). The Face Shop polishes make up my basic colour pallet for nail art. They are really cheap (SGD2.90 per bottle / SGD10 for 4 bottles during sales period) and they have a wide array of awesome colours. However, these polishes might not be as lasting as other brands of polishes. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap thrills, these are perfect, but I will encourage you to invest in good base coat and  top coat to lengthen the life of your manicure. All right, here comes the pictorial!

Things that you will need: Striping Tape, Scissors, Nail Polish, A Pair of Tweezers

Step 1: Prep your nails with a base colour, make sure that they are 100% dry before you paste a piece of striping tape diagonally over your nail.

Step 2: Place more pieces of striping tape horizontally over your nail, leaving spaces of random thickness in between the tapes. You may want to prepare these tapes beforehand.

Step 3: Paint the alternative colour over a portion of your nails as shown. I used a nail art detail brush to do this as the brush for the polish itself is too large. Make sure that you do not paint outside of the area demarcated by the striping tapes.

Step 4: Removed the horizontal tapes involved in Step 3 while the polish is still wet. From the pictorial, you will realised that 4 of the tapes were involved but I only removed 3. That is because, I will need the last tape to paint the next area. Quickly paint the next area so that you can remove that last tape ASAP.

Step 5: Remove the fourth tape after you have painted your second area and move on to your next selected area.

Step 6: Continue this pattern until the tip of your nails and remove the diagonal striping tape that you placed on your nail at the start of this pictorial. Wait for the polish to dry and seal in the design with your favourite top coat!

A tedious manicure indeed! Maybe it is a breeze for some of you, however, it is definitely a challenge for me. Dealing with striping tape is like dealing with time, and check out the number of striping tapes to be used! Any slower, you will destroy the manicure (which I am really guilty of even in basic striping tape manicure). However, everyone’s skills will improve over time, so not to worry! 🙂

Here’s another shot of this manicure. I mattified my  nails by using OPI Matte Top Coat and now they look AWESOME.

P.S. I realised my nails grew a little. I just can’t bear to remove this manicure!

& that’s all for today folks!




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