Vanessa & Cristina — Shimmer Polish

Hi folks! It is Indie Feature time! Today we have two polishes from Shimmer Polish and they are Vanessa and Cristina! Yes! The owner of Shimmer Polish makes these polishes and named them after her friends. Read on to learn more about this indie polish brand which is famous for its glitter bombers!

First up, we have Vanessa! Vanessa is a 80% greyish-black glitter polish. I am wearing two coats of Vanessa and look how pretty it is!!! The fine glitters are evenly spread and they shimmer like the stars! Vanessa gave me a mysterious feeling, but it also gave me a die-hard metal feeling! However, what surprised me is in the next picture.

Macro Shot of Vanessa

Yes! Never did I expect it to look like this in close up. With a little red, blue and green glitters, it makes Vanessa look much more abstract.  ❤

Next, we have Cristina. Cristina is a Christmas-green glitter bomber which contains about 3% red glitters. I am wearing two coats of Cristina and I am impressed by the coverage. However, the formula for Cristina seems to be a little thicker than Vanessa. I am not a fan of green polishes but I’m definitely not going to leave this on my rack rotting away! Then, we have the macro shot of Cristina.

Macro Shot of Cristina

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the wayyyyy. Cristina really reminds me of Christmas! Now I cannot wait for it. 🙂 Another surprise in this macro shot — Cristina is made of square glitters! Not 100% square glitters, but definitely a substantial amount.

I guess Shimmer Polish’s USP is their glitter bombs. All of their polishes are massive glitter bombers and I can’t use other words to describe them!

I used to hate glitters. I thought that they are very loud and girly. <<< BYE. OLD. THOUGHTS. Now, I LOVE GLITTERS LIKE GOSH. No doubt they are difficult to remove, this does not hinder me from using glitter polishes. However, I tend to use glitter-off base coat now when I’m handling them. What about you guys? Do you love glitter polishes too?

That’s all for today folks!




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