Burberry Inspired Manicure!

Back-to-school Burberry Inspired Manicure

Hi everyone! It wasn’t too long ago when summer hols ended. I guess it is not too late for back-to-school nails either! Today, we have Burberry inspired manicure with a twist in the colour combination inspired by Dahlia Nails. Here’s a quick post. Read on to learn how to paint this Burberry signature on your nails!

Here’s another shot of my back-to-school Burberry nails. I have painted these using the same technique that I have used for the set of Burberry nails that I have done approximately 9 months ago . I thought that the new colour combination gave the same manicure an interesting twist! A neat and adorable mix.

I had long nails 9 months ago!

The above is the set of Burberry manicure that I did a couple of months ago. For this look, you will need a black striper polish, a white striper polish, a red striper polish and a nude polish for the base. Here, I have used My Vampire is Buff by OPI as the nude base. If you do not have striper polishes, use a normal nail art stripping brush!

Step 1: Prep your nails with your base colour. Next, using your white striper, create lines on your nails as shown above.

Step 2: Using your black striper, paint a straight line in between the two white vertical lines as shown. Try to align your line as parallel to the white lines as possible.

Step 3: Using the black striper again, create another two parallel lines on the other sides of the white lines.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3 in the horizontal direction.

Step 5: Use your red striper, create two straight lines as shown. Once again, try to be as parallel as possible to the black and white lines.

Last but not least, wait for the lines to dry and finish up your manicure with your favourite top coat! 🙂

How much easier can this manicure be?! You can also try using other colours for this look, just like the one you see at the start of this post!

& that’s all for today folks!




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