Arabesque Pattern QA88 Stamping Plate — Born Pretty Store

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It’s another week of September and I clipped my nails to nubs! YAY! Best feeling on earth! =]  With that, I will be reviewing the Arabesque Pattern QA88 Stamping Plate from Born Pretty Store. Read on to learn more about this interesting stamping plate!

Arabesque Pattern QA88 Stamping Plate

Unlike the usual stamping plates where different stamping images are nicely separated on the plate, the QA88 plate is one of the stamping plates that comes with only one image. One-image stamping plates are becoming more and more prominent in the market these days because of the pretty images and the unlimited possibilities  for nail art that they can provide.

These are the items that I have used for my manicure! Apple Mint Yoghurt (Crelly Polish) by The Face Shop, Black Onyx (for stamping) by OPI, QA88 plate by Born Pretty Store and lastly, Stamper & Scrapper set by Konad.

Here is the final look! What do you think? It took me really long to decide on which base colour to work with for this manicure. Wanted to use holographic polish but realised that I DO NOT HAVE ANY HOLOGRAPHIC POLISH. HAHA!  Tried it over a multi-chrome topper but the result wasn’t up to my expectation. Then I thought, “Maybe I should try it over my favourite type of polish — Crelly.” Eventually, I picked a crelly polish which I have not used for quite some time. I was really satisfied with the end result!

Before stamping, I realised that the usual black polishes that I use for stamping were running low. I had to use Black Onyx this time round which I thought would fail because its consistency is rather thin. To my surprise, it worked! However, it did not turn out as dark as I expected it to be (probably due to its thin formula) as seen from the pictures.

The designs on the QA88 plate are really intricate and pretty! I am really glad that it did not fail me just like the random plates that I have gotten from a flea market 1 year ago.

The Arabesque Pattern QA88 Stamping Plate (ITEM #15087) can be found over at You can have a look at all the other manicures done by other nail artists under the “customer images” tab.

Last but not least, Born Pretty Store ships worldwide with free shipping! Also, don’t forget to use the code PYX31 during checkouts to enjoy 10% off your total bill! ❤

& that’s all for today folks!




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