Metallic Creme Colours — Nails By Tataw

Hi everyone! A couple of days ago, I had this sudden crave to paint my nails badly! I was just looking at my nail polish rack when I saw these cute metallic nail polishes! So.. Why Not? Read on to learn more about these polishes from Nails By Tataw. I have also done up a double french tip manicure. Check out the pictorial after the jump!

Here we have four polishes by Nails By Tataw. From left to right we have Lavender Voltage, Frozen? I Melt Em’ All!, Strawberry Banana and Hi Leprechaun! The first two polishes are from the Summer 2014 collection and the next two are from their very first line of polishes. Nails By Tataw was founded by Victoria Tataw, a full-time student, who has a goal in mind — to create colours that she has never seen before. & I must say, she has really succeeded in creating a couple of colours which I have never seen before, especially her metallic creme range.

We have seen metallic polishes before. Prior to these, the metallic polishes which I have came across was more towards the gold, silver and bronze range. Little did I expect to see metallic baby pink, ice blue et cetera.

TIP of the day: Metallic polishes have really obvious stroke lines and the only way for them to look pretty on our nails is to paint them in a single direction. Try painting them in such a way where the lines will be parallel to each other. This way, your manicure will look neat and chic!

After satisfying my crave to paint nails, I’ve decided match up the colours and paint double french tips. P.S: I have to agree that the colours on my pinky and pointer are badly matched!  HAHAHHAHAHA oops. Oh well.. Let’s have a look at the pictorial!

Items needed: Nail polishes, striping tape, a pair of tweezers and a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Prep your nails with a base colour of your choice. Make sure that it is 100% dry before moving on to Step 2. I would suggest using a fast drying topcoat to shorten the drying process.

Step 2: Cut your striping tape into short strips and paste them over your nail as shown in the picture. Make sure that the tapes are horizontal and not curvy. They usually end up taking your nail curve. Adjust accordingly and press the tape down on your nail so as to make sure that there are no gaps in between your nail surface and the tape. This is to prevent any seepage that may happen during Step 3.

Step 3: Paint your nail tips as shown. Do not paint over the inner striping tape! More importantly, remove your striping tapes using a pair of tweezers while the polish is STILL WET.

Step 4: If you have been following the steps well, you should get something like this. Wait for the polish to be fully dry before summing up your manicure with your favourite top coat.

Under Sun Light

I think that double french tips will look really nice on creme colours too. Moreover, I feel that I should have thicken the thin line a little more for a more colour-blocking feel.

All right! That’s all for today folks!




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