Nail Junkie — Sinful Colors

Hello everyone! It has been a little more than a week since I last posted and that is because I went to Hong Kong last week for a short getaway! However, it was such a bummer that it rained so badly over there. Boohoo. In any case, I am back and here’s a short swatch post for Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors. More details after the jump!

Nail Junkie is a mermaid-green holographic glitter polish with a jelly base. It mainly contains hexagon and round glitters that are gold, bronze, blue and dark turquoise in colour.

Here, I have painted one coat of Savage by Sinful Colors (a dark turquoise polish that dries matte) followed by two coats of Nail Junkie. On my pointer/index finger, it is three coats of Nail Junkie. I personally prefer having a base colour because it allows Nail Junkie to pop. However, without the base colour, it has depth like most of the jelly polishes.

Macro Shot

The above shows a macro shot of Nail Junkie over Savage. I simply love the coverage the this polish. One coat after the base colour actually suffice, but two coats will create a denser look. Application was good and the glitters are really populated so you do not have to twist and turn to get a piece of it.

From what I know, Sinful Colors polishes are not available in Singapore (or most of the countries). They can  be easily found in the US (eg. Walgreens and drug stores) and they cost about USD1.99 each I suppose. I received a few bottles of Sinful Colors as gifts  from two of my friends who went to the US for their graduation trip. Thank you Yee Kei and Doreen! ❤ For those who really want to get Sinful Colors polishes and will not go to the US any time soon, you can try ordering them from Amazon or eBay.  Combine them with other products (eg. bags and clothes) that you wish to get from the US and send them over via comGateway (or in Singapore, you may choose Vpost). They act as a middleman who will collect your online orders from the US and ship to you for a fee. Of course, the fee will not be cheap, therefore, it will be wise if you can gather some friends for your spree.

That’s all for today folks!




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