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Hi everyone! Today I’ll be doing a review on another Born Pretty Store’s product! This is item #11328 — Pastel Neon Nail Studs (Leaf & Round). I did a simple manicure using these studs. Read on for a detailed review and a manicure using this product after the jump!

I simply love this set of nail studs because not only they are pastel, they are kind of … neon. As you can see, the colours of these studs are more to the cream edge. At the same time, they are bright! I was completely attracted to the uniqueness of these colours at the first sight.

The wheel is approximately 6cm in diameter. It contains nail studs that are of leaf and round shapes. There are a total of 6 different colours. The round studs are about 2mm each and the leaf studs are around 3.5mm long. It was a perfect chance to do flower-studded manicure and I did it!

This is the simple manicure that I have mentioned. Here, I have used Candy Shock from Catrice cosmetics as the base colour. It is a white nail polish with a tinge of baby blue. Maybe you are not able to see the blue due the the limitations of my hand phone’s camera. I have used 5 out of the 6 colours available for this look. Flower petal was the first thing that I could relate the leaf-shape studs to. I think this turned out to be rather cute! What do you think?

I strongly recommend you to use a light base colour when you want to use these studs. A dark colour might allow these studs to pop, but it might cover the cuteness of these studs.

These pastel neon nail studs are perfect for people with short nails. If you have followed me, you would have known that I always say “Light colours will never go wrong with short nails.” This does not only apply to nail varnishes, it applies to any nail decoration too! Moreover, 2mm and 3.5mm are really the ideal length for people with short nails.

This is wheel #3 of item #11328 over at Under this listing, they offer square, round and leaf-shaped pastel neon and normal neon nail studs. You see neon studs everywhere, why not try something new, something  like this one that I own?

Last but not least, Born Pretty Store ships worldwide with free shipping! Also, don’t forget to use the code PYX31 during checkouts to enjoy 10% off your total bill! ❤

That’s all for the day folks!

Happy be-lated National Day Singapore!!!





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