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Hi! I’m back with another review on Born Pretty Store’s Crystal Embossed Nail Shields! Had to control my urge to clip my nails just for this! Read on to find out more about this pretty little thing!

As you can see, these nail shields are 1.5cm long and 1cm wide. So ladies and gentlemen, let’s not be ambitious. If your nail is too small or big, do not get it, get other nail shields that are of the correct size. Or else, you will look like you are wearing claws.  The crystal is embossed in the middle of the intricate metal vine design of the nail shield, bringing out a feeling of protection and a sense of elegance.

These nail shields come in sets of two. I guess the general idea is to use them for accent nails. I’ve chosen Pattern 20 in this case. Initially, I chose Pattern 19 and 20 as I overlooked the fact that they come in pairs. Man! I really like the gold one! HAHA!

Here’s the finished look! What do you think? I used nail glue to secure it on to my nail. I have matched the nail shield with a plain nude colour to allow it to stand out. The base colour is My Vampire is Buff by OPI. I have to admit that the nail shield looks pretty big on my ring finger nail. It fits perfectly on my middle finger nail but it just looks awkward on it. In any case, I really like this look! Using nail shields to decorate your nails is a very convenient way to beautify your plain manicure.

Some things to take note:

1. It does add weight to your finger. I can feel the difference in movement speed when I wriggle my fingers in the air.

2. It does drop easily. This is a common problem for all rhinestones and studs. You must be very careful with your movements. Not recommended for people who do hands-on jobs everyday.

This is item #10749 at They have 23 designs available under this item number. I really like the design number 2 as well as a couple of gold ones. Born Pretty Store ships worldwide with free shipping! Also, don’t forget to use the code PYX31 during checkouts to enjoy 10% off your total bill! ❤

That’s all for today folks!




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