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Hi all! I’m back with another review! Today, I’ll be bringing to you a review on this cute little set of Neon Geometric Stickers from Born Pretty Store! They are really really really easy to use and to my surprise, they are actually pretty durable! Read on to get to know more about nail stickers, how to use them and their advantages!

The pictures above and below basically show how the product looks like when I first got it. It is 9cm long and 7cm wide, and it contains 68 neon-coloured geometric stickers (mainly triangles and kisses).

Before using nail stickers, depending on the colour(s) of the stickers, you are advised to paint a base colour. Here, I’ve chosen my base colour to be First Mate by China Glaze. Got it off the shelf at D.Y.O.N International for SGD5. Really lovin’ this oxford blue. ❤

When you flip to the back of the product, you’ll be able to see clear instructions on how to use the stickers in English and Korean. Hmmm, I must admit that Step 1 sounds pretty weird. It just means that after selecting the design you want, peel it off the transparency film.

To start off, you can place the piece of transparency film, which contains the stickers, over your nails. This acts as a rough guide to show you how it will look like after you paste your particular choice of sticker over your nail. I personally think that having this transparency film is really good because you get to see a preview of your manicure! If the film was opaque, you can only depend on your imagination to select the appropriate sticker.

So by following the step by step instructions, here’s the final look of my nails! I absolutely love it! This is my virgin try for nail stickers (excluding nail wraps which I’ve used before), I must say that I am really impressed with the convenience it provided. I mean there are certainly lots of ways to beautify your nails. We have nail foils, stamping methods, studs, decals etc. However, of all that I’ve tried, this is definitely the most straightforward and easiest decorative item to use. I bet your 5-year old child can do this, alone.

Durability wise, I think it is really good. After applying a layer of topcoat, the stickers will be sealed in. I’ve personally tried to remove one of the stickers after applying a layer of Glisten & Glow’s HK girl topcoat. Unless you use extra force or you do it on purpose, the stickers will not fall until you use nail polish remover to remove the topcoat.

This is item #13892 at They have 6 neon designs available under this item number. I really like the diamonds & owls design as well as the neon chevrons. However, I chose the triangles over them as I felt that there will be more possibilities. You can find the full range of nail stickers that Born Pretty Store carries HERE. Born Pretty Store ships worldwide with free shipping! Also, don’t forget to use the code PYX31 during checkouts to enjoy 10% off your total bill! ❤

That’s all for today folks!




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