The Golden Lady under the Starlight — Vidanails

This is probably the most shiny and bling manicure I’ve ever had in the past year! Double swatched! Introducing Golden Lady and Starlight from Vidanail. Read on to learn more about these polishes, how I did this manicure, and where to get them! 🙂

Starlight and Golden Lady

Starlight and Golden Lady are two of the glitter polishes under the L.vida line of Vidanails. Vidanails have different series of polishes and they are mainly differentiated by their formula, the brush, the ingredients and the packaging. The L.vida series are 3-free. They have a much wider brush and better formula compared to the usual Vidanail polishes which I have swatched before. & clearly, their bottles are different from the normal Vidanail bottles. Here’s another picture of the double swatch. I am holding Golden Lady.

Double Swatch

Instead of painting the glitters on, I used the sponging method. It works the same way as to how you create ombre nails. All you need to do is to brush the glitters on to your make up sponge and gently sponge the glitters on to your nail. If you are asking why am I doing this, it is because sponging of glitters actually spreads the glitters better over your nail surface. Moreover, many might face the problem of thick glitter layers on your nails if they choose to paint glitter polishes straight on their nails. By using a make up sponge, it will absorb a portion of clear polish and therefore, less clear polish will be transferred on to our nails and hence, no thick layers of glitter polish.

Golden Lady — Macro

Golden Lady is a purely golden glitter polish. It mainly contains chunky gold hexagon glitters. The polish is rather dense with these golden glitters. Minimal digging was needed to apply it to the make up sponge.

Starlight — Macro

The picture above is macro shot of Starlight, one of my favourite glitter polishes! Starlight is overwhelmingly pretty! The surface of the glitters reflects different lights at different angles, creating a beautiful holographic effect. Starlight is the only glitter polish that I own which I have used for more than 2 times (Milky Sky Glitter Gradient & Naked Nails Glitter Gradient). Now, my bottle of Starlight is only 3/5 full. I’ll definitely get another bottle after I’ve finish using this.

 photo PicsArt_1405406409646_zps49a34b12.png

This is officially the first macro shot of my nail! Yes, that’s right. I do not have a camera good enough to take macro shots and most of my pictures were taken using my Samsung Galaxy S4. Got myself a set of universal clip on lens yesterday and I am impressed by its effects! Finally, I am able to take some decent macro shots. This is so pretty but it does not do Starlight justice!  I highly recommend this polish if you like loud and holographic glitters!

P.S.: #lobangalert Yesterday, I was out with my friends and we nailed a cheap deal at Cineleisure! Got ourselves each a set of universal clip lens for just SGD7.50! The online market price 6 months ago was SGD15 and it is now SGD12. We could not believe our eyes when a retail stall was selling it for SGD7.50. & here’s a lobang (means ‘hole’ in Melayu which indirectly means ‘opportunity’ in Singlish)  for my fellow Singaporean readers! If you want to get yourself a selfie stick (monopod), wait no more. Go to Cineleisure and get it! It is now SGD3.50 per stick including the handphone/camera holder. OMG and I actually spent $12.90 on it just 3 months ago on the exact same item. My heart shattered when I saw it. They also sell the bluetooth shutter button @ SGD6.90 when the online market price is SGD10-SGD12. The shop is located outside Sticky on Level 1. 🙂

You can get the L.vida polishes from Nail Art Singapore ( They carry a wide range of Vidanail Polishes and the prices are really consistent with the prices from the Korean site. You can get Golden Lady here and Starlight here. Do look out for their Promotions and Discounts! They usually have bundle sets promotions. For example,  BUY __ GET __ FREE. On top of that, do remember to use my lucky code: POBBY during check outs to enjoy 10% off your total bill*! Nail Art Singapore accepts international orders via their email! So fret not international ladies!

*Take a look at the instructions under the “Discounts!” section on the right side of this blog.

That’s all for today folks!







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