Time to Relax — Manicure Chapter 2

Hi folks! Here are some nails that I’ve done for some pretty ladies for their birthdays and events. See more photos after the jump! 🙂

Birthday nails for Yan Ting. A very nice lady who tunes to the same frequency as my brainwaves. HAHA! Very nice to talk to. She approached me to get her nails done and had sent me a few designs to try out. Little did I know that she was trusting her nails with me for her 22nd birthday!!  Pastel Colour-Blocking and shiny ribbons. ❤ Falling in love with this mani while painting for her.

Mummy’s Birthday! It was 23rd June, my mum’s 53rd Birthday. She has really brittle nails and nail polish can’t stay on her nails for more than 3 days. Filed down her long nails to prevent further breakage. Used three out of the four  OPI Sheer Tints  to create this water colour manicure! Spiced it up with little triangle studs from BornPrettyStore.com! 🙂


Trayce has really long nail beds! Painted this set of vintage roses manicure for her. Had a really nice chat with her while watching a Hong Kong drama series. I was so jealous over of her long fingers!

More roses for this pair of roomies! Rachel & Cheryl were my neighbours during my stay in the hostel (a.k.a dorm). They got this set of nails for an event call Hall Awards Board. It was an event that recognizes the players who represented our hostel in the interhall (inter-hostel) games. Okay, i’m ready to cheer. “HALL 10! TOWARDS PERFECTION!” I have no idea why I am saying this, but you can visit http://www.hall10,net to know about my hostel. HAHA.

Similarly, for Hall Awards Board. Cheng Ni was the chairperson of the Hall Awards Board committee. She was so busy that she did not have spare time to paint her nails. I painted them for her on the very day of the event. Woke up early in the morning, head to her room with a mini Ikea table and managed to paint something that fits the theme of the event.

That’s all for now folks! More posts coming through! Stay tune for my next post!

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