Manicure Services — Singapore

Hi everyone! Manicure services resume! After a long hiatus due to my final exams, I am back! Wanna get your nails done but you have a lower/tighter budget? Read on to check out what I have to offer! 🙂

General Rates

●Plain manicure @ $8 – $12 (depending on the polish used)

●Nailart manicure @ $15 – $35 (depending on design & materials used)

●Pushing of cuticles (optional) + $5

What’s Included?

*Filing of nails ✔

*Application of cuticle oil at the end of the manicure ✔

*Base coat used: OPI Nail Envy

*Top coat used: Seche Vite, Poshe (both fast drying)



Just flash me your NRIC /Ezlink card to get 15% off your total bill during your birthday month.

2.  BFF

Bring a friend along and get 10% off both of your bills!


Subscribe to my Blog, Instagram and Facebook to get $1 off your total bill.

** Discounts 1 and 2 cannot be stacked. However, discount 3 can be stacked with either.

Booking / Price Quote

Step 1, Choose a design.

You can choose a design from anywhere. Google, magazines etc.

OR you can view the designs that I have painted on my Instagram Profile or Pinterest wall.

Step 2, Contact me.

Send me the design you have chosen for a price quote!

Email me at / kik me at pobbynails / direct message me on Instagram / Facebook message me via Pobbynails.

Step 3, Book a time slot.

Venue: At my humble little home in Sengkang with my nail art supplies and materials 🙂

Weekdays: Usually after 1pm as I work before lunch time.

Weekends: Before and after lunch time!

*Please Note

#I do not do Gel Manicures nor Gel removal~~

#I am not a professional manicurist, just a nail-art blogger that does loads of nail art!

#I do not allow males to enter my house. Sorry gentlemen! If you really want to get your nails done, we can meet at Sengkang Community Center for the manicure session! Heh..


That’s all folks! Contact me at if you have any questions!

This post will be updated as and when there are new or more promotions.

Last updated: 29th June 2014





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