3-way Maniswap!

Hi folks! I am so excited about this post! Two days ago, I did a 3-way round robin maniswap with Kay (@TwentySixNails) and Karen (@PinkPixiePie). I recreated Karen’s Bee design, Karen recreated Kay’s Nautical design and Kay recreated my Triangle Mosaic nails. Read on and check out all of our recreations after the jump! 🙂

Featuring “Pastel Lime” from Vidanail

Presenting to you our maniswap! On the left, you can see our originals and on the right, our recreations!

I had a really fun time recreating the Bee nails. It was really a challenge for me as I have got no “grass” green polish or acrylic paint. So what I did was to do a colour mix of three different green polishes that I have. The effect turns out to be pretty satisfying for me! Here’s another shot of my recreation with my thumb with clouds and the original design from Karen.

My recreation of Karen’s Bee design

Original Bee design by Karen. Click for original post.

Next up, we have Kay’s recreation of my Triangle Mosaic design. The design on the index, ring and pinky fingers was actually inspired by her Christmas Wreath design she did last Christmas! I also did a pictorial on the accent mosaic nail when I painted this design. Here’s her recreation and the original design by me. I think Kay definitely did a great job in recreating this design! & From her recreation, I realized that this design goes pretty well with short nails, just like I highlighted in my previous post(s), light colours will never go wrong with short nails. 🙂

Kay’s reaction of my Triangle Mosaic nails

Original design by me. Click for original post.

Last but not least, we have Karen’s recreation of Kay’s Nautical design that she’d done for her sister. She did it in her own style, turning some of the originally horizontal design into vertical ones! Such a lively manicure. Here’s her recreation and the original design by Kay.

Karen’s recreation of Kay’s Nautical design

Original Nautical design by Kay. Click for original post.

This is the first ever maniswap that I did and I’d never expect it to be a 3-way! I’m starting to love maniswap. It is really a great chance for us to paint designs that we may or may not try out and maybe learn some new nail-art skills!

You can find Kay at twentysixnails.com and Karen at @pinkpixiepie on Instagram.






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