Bestie Quadruplets Nails — #throwback

Hi everyone! About two weeks ago, I popped a question in the Nailies group chat, “Hi! Who’s free to do Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets …. nails tonight?!” & surely, we have some who were having their term finals, some who were working and some who were tired. However, we also have some who spontaneously replied “ME!”  Read on and uncover who joined in the fun!

Solo shot of quadruplet nails.

So these are the ladies who raised their hands!

Clockwise: OhDreeNails, Pobbynails, PinkPixiePie, Beefette

Here are some lil facts about them!

Audree from OhDreeNails has really long nail beds! Super envious! She’s a lefty and she started her nail-art hobby around the same time as me which  was around  one year ago! What’s more? She’s a friend of mine for 10 years! Do check out and enjoy her nail art at @OhDreeNails on Instagram!

Sandra a.k.a Beefette is a very talented artist. She designs logos and draws sketches for people during her leisure time. This ex-teacher who taught Art is a young mum of two boys in which one of them is still kicking her tummy every now and then! You can find her nail art, work, designs, food and her absolutely cute son at @Beefette on Instagram!

Karen the PinkPixiePie is a mum of one sweet girl! & I think she loves pink! She does her manis like real fast. No joke. She too, enjoys watching drama series just like me. I remember first talking to her on Instagram about a pictorial I did on using finger stalls to remove glitter manicures. The second time we encounter each other on Instagram was because of “My Love from Another Star” — A Korean drama series! Soon after, she joined us! She’s a really nice lady and has a thing for food porn! If you wanna find some colourful nail art designs and know more about Singapore’s cuisine, check out @PinkPixiePie on Instagram!

Priscilla from Pobbynails is a fresh graduate that majored in Statistics and minored in Business. OK. Just kidding! I will not go on describing myself! :p

Stay tune for the next post! Will be introducing more pretties from the Nailies in Singapore!





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