Gravity – piCture pOlish

Hi EVERYONE! A few days ago, I’ve posted a swatch of Gravity by piCture pOlish on my Instagram and I realised that many of you like this space topper as much as I do! However, due to international shipping fee, not many of us are able to get PP polishes easily without spending a bomb. So I will be sharing with you a few ways in which you can grab some PP polishes with a decent budget! Read on for more information and swatches after the jump!

Gravity is a topper polish that works best with a black base just like any multi-chrome polish. Rather than being heavily iridescent, Gravity actually changes between deep purple and dark blue. The extent of duochrome is pretty mild.

Under direct lamp light.

This is not all. The part which makes me go WOW is the speckles! These small glitters are evenly scattered in the bottle and on the nails. They are the ones that made the manicure look like galaxy. Representing the many many stars in the beautiful night sky!

Close up under direct lamp light

The following are some pictures that I took near my window.

Under natural sunlight by my window 🙂

My windows are mosaic-ed blue so that curtains will not be needed at home. So, reflecting blue light, this is what I got.

Blue light reflected on to my nails.

I am absolutely in love with this topper. It makes galaxy nails so natural and real! Don’t you think so?

The Shipping Problem

As we all know, indie polishes are not as affordable as polishes from commercial brands as they require much hard work and effort from the indie makers (which I think is pretty reasonable as the polishes are hand-mixed and not machine-filled). There are actually many resellers / distributors of piCture pOlish. Instead of getting them directly from their official page, you may consider getting them from the list of re-sellers / distributors wherever you are located. However, what if you stay in a country that none of these re-sellers / distributors are located, what should you do? This is what I usually do.

Here’s an example.

Miss Priscilla Lim (yup that’s me) stays in Singapore (SG) and she wanna get a few bottles of  PP. However, the shipping fee to SG is 24AUD. That’s equivalent to SGD28 / 2 bottles of PP. & there’s a min. purchase of 8 bottles to use the EVERYDAY DEAL which -16AUD from your bill.

1. If she wants to get 1 bottle of PP which costs AUD12, she has to pay 24AUD to ship it to SG. => dumb move. So she should just get it from a local re-seller at 15AUD (there used to be 1 in Singapore but I couldn’t find her website anymore).

2. If she wants to get 2 bottles. She will be paying a net of 4 bottles worth to get it from their official web. => another dumb move. Get from a local re-seller or another that ships worldwide.

3. If she wants to get 8 bottles. She has to pay 24AUD for shipping. & she gets a discount of 16AUD for purchasing 8 bottles. So the net shipping fee will be 8AUD! WHICH MEANS 1AUD PER BOTTLE. YAY!!! :):):)

Problem solved? Not quite. Miss Priscilla Lim couldn’t afford 8 bottles of PP which averages 10-12AUD (SGD11.67-14) excluding 8AUD of shipping. She only has a few of them in her lemmings’ list. & it doesn’t seem nice to get more bottles on purpose just to get a couple that she likes.

So what she did was to gather a few friends to make a share order. Say 3 friends. That will be 4 of you. Average 2 bottles per person.

If she can’t find any people to do a share order, I guess she’ll just have to control herself and get a bottle by a bottle from a local re-seller / distributor.

<end of example>

The above example just illustrates simple math. There are many people out there who wants to own some of their favourite polishes and also face the same shipping fee problem. However, if you guys can COME TOGETHER, you can actually save much more and everyone benefits from it! I love organizing bulk purchases for my friends and I! I do not find it a chore nor do I gain anything more than them. When everyone is happy so am I! HAHA!

Psst.: So if you are from Singapore and wanna get some PP polishes, do contact me! I’ll update you if I am doing a spree with no extra cost!





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