Summer Ombre Nails — 3CE Nail Polishes

Hi people! If you’ve followed me on my Instagram, you’d have seen these pictures! It has been quite sometime since I last did ombre nails. I’ve used a few 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) nail polishes that I got from my grad trip for this look. Wanna know how does this set of ombre nails look like? Which polishes did I use and how you can top it up for a summer look? Read on! 🙂

Polishes used: 3CE –> BL09, GN03, WH01 (white base)

Tada! HAHA. No anticipation. This is how the blue-green ombre looks like. I really like the soft colours despite the “poisonous” look. 😛

P.S.: If you have no idea how to do ombre/gradient nails, do visit and type “Ombre Nails Tutorial” in the search bar! It’s a fun and easy way to beautify your nails! All you’ll need is a make up sponge and a couple of nail polishes of your choice.

Some may feel that 2-shade gradient looks boring. If so, you can try to top your ombre manicure with some glitters! I wanted to top it up with some black and white specks but what’s the fun?! So instead, I’ve used Clowning Around by Polish Me Silly (used to be known as Lush Lacquer) to go with the gradient. I guess it turned out pretty well? This mani really brightened up my day! Looking at so many colours on my nails makes me feel happy! 🙂 On the other hand, it looks even more “poisonous” now. HAHA!

If you have any questions on how to attain this look or how to do basic ombre nails, feel free to comment or drop me a message under the “Say Hi!” section at the top of this screen! Meanwhile, happy polishing! ❤




5 thoughts on “Summer Ombre Nails — 3CE Nail Polishes

    • Thank you Sandra! I only have 2 polish me silly polishes though! Clowning Around and Surprise Me. Is yours Freckles? & Yeaa. These neon bits look really nice on soft and light colours! 🙂

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