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Hi everyone!!! It has been quite some time since I last updated my blog! Sorry for the lack of posts! For the past month, I’ve completed my last leap in university!!! Last week, 5 days after my final paper, I headed off to Taiwan with my favourite girls for GRAD TRIP! Now that I’m back, time to update this little pobby blog!

Right before my examinations, I was really honoured to be approached by Noelle from Nail Art Singapore to try out some of the products that she carries. Today, I will be bringing to you swatches and reviews of 6 Vidanail nail polishes under the “ECO polishes” category at Nail Art Singapore.

Read on for more details on these pretty shades after the jump!

 These polishes actually come with boxes! *opps, I have misplaced one of the boxes, hence only 5 in the above picture. 😛 *

First up, Cocoa Milk! An elegant nude brown shade. THIS IS A MUST HAVEEEEE! I’ve used 2 coats here. One coat was enough to cover the nails, I’ve painted a 2nd coat just to smooth out the manicure. Totally in love with this colour!  This is the 1st brown shade in which I feel that I will wear it again as I am not a fan of brown polishes.

Almost drank it! Was really craving for chocolate milk while painting my nails.

I must say that these 6 Vidanail polishes have formulas that are slightly watery. However, the colour payoff for each of them is different. For Cocoa Milk, an adequate amount on the brush can pull off the manicure with just 1 coat.

Next up, we have Emerald Green. Mint on 1st look but  green on 2nd. Used 2 normal coats for this look.

Formula is the same as Cocoa Milk, but since this is a lighter colour compared to Cocoa Milk, the you can still see streaks of negative space after the 1st coat.

Here I have with me Pastel Green or rather lime green! This colour definitely rocked summer! Such a refreshing shade!

I’ve used 2 to 3 coats for this look. I realised that the lighter the shade the more coats you’ll need. Sometimes 2 coats would suffice if one of the coats is thick enough.

Presenting… Dandelion! Honestly, I only have 4 yellows in my entire collection of nail polishes — 1 pastel, 2 lemons and this. I would use “mango” to describe this instead of dandelion. This yellow gave me an overall vintage feeling. It just feels like it can go with any vintage outfit. However, this is probably the last on my list out of these 6. I’ve used 4 coats for this look and I can say that I was really tempted to go for the 5th. As mentioned, the formula for these polishes leans towards the watery end, but this was the only one out of the 6 that I have problem with. After 3 coats, empty spaces are still visible. Maybe it’s just me, the way I paint, but this problem doesn’t exist after 2-3 coats of the other colours. Oh well! Still a pretty shade ya?

My next favourite, Red Bean! The exact same replica of Cocoa Milk in pinkish-red. 1 coat is enough but I painted a 2nd to smooth-en the manicure. 🙂 A very sweet and mature cream red/pink. I love the formula!!!!

Last but not least, Milky Sky. A light baby blue! The above is a picture with 2 coats and without topcoat under sunlight. I have used it as a base colour for my glitter gradient manicure.

This blue makes me feel younger! Formula and application wise, it is about the same as Pastel Green.

Overall, I feel that Vidanail polishes are really very nice if you want to do plain manicures. Because of it’s watery formula, I guess I would not suggest to use them for nail art drawing. The smoothness of application varies from colour to colour. Other than Cocoa Milk and Red Bean (out of the 6 that I’ve tried), 2 coats will be the minimum to fully cover the visible empty spaces mainly caused by the brush.

P.S.: Sometimes, I really like polishes with slight watery formula. They may be a hassle to handle at first, but after 2 to 3 thin/normal coats, I feel that the overall look of the manicure is much neater compared to the other polishes. Another instance in which I like my polish to be watery is particularly for white polishes. I’ve personally tried out 6 different white polishes — Alpine Snow (OPI), White (Beauty Buffet), White (Face Shop), WH01 (3CE), Pure White (L.Vida) and WH001 (Missha). I must say that the first 3 in the list are disappointments. They became so thick after a few months even though their application was the best at the start. I’ll probably do up a comparison post for white nail polishes in the near future.

If you’re interested to get these beautiful shades above, visit! They do shipping out of Singapore too! Don’t forget to use the code POBBY during checkouts to enjoy 10% off your total bill even on top of promotional bundles! This code will only work if you are a fan of mine on either this blog, my instagram or my facebook + their fan on facebook!

Okay. Time for a good night’s sleep! 🙂 Toodles!




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