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Hi peeps! I’ve just finish my very 1st paper today! So I thought, why not proceed with a review! I have prepared the pictures for this review a few days ago, but I couldn’t find the time to do a review on these beautiful Nail Stickers. So here I am! Presenting MDP1016 Nail Art Sticker/Wrap from Born Pretty Store! Continue reading for a full review after the jump!

Here’s the first look of this pack of nail stickers. As you can see, the design is pretty exquisite and intricate! However, the colour of the nail stickers doesn’t quite match what was shown on the item page in the above link. It is suppose to be a light blue (as stated on the item page at born pretty store) but I think it is more of a Periwinkle instead.

This pack comes with 14 Nail Stickers in which contain 7 pairs of symmetrical designs. These nail stickers come with various width. From left to right we have 17.5mm, 16mm, 14.5mm, 13.5mm, 13mm, 11.5mm and 10mm. In the very 1st picture of this post, I’ve used stickers of lengths 10mm to 14.5mm in accordance from my pinky to thumb.

As you can see from the pictures above and below, I highly reccomend cutting the packet using a pair of scissors as the tearing edges provided at the sides of the packet actually align with the 10mm nail stickers, and you wouldn’t want to ruin them.
Here’s a zoom in on the designs! HOW PRETTY! ❤

+Plus point: Protective layer identified! 😀

So here’s the final look! I absolutely love these stickers. NO JOKE! Here are the 3 main reasons why I love them:

1. Because I can have pretty nails

2. Because I can have pretty nails

3. Because I can have pretty nails

Yup, that pretty much sums up all.

The below shows a picture after 4 days of wearing them without topcoat.

Some pointers:

1. Smell: These stickers actually smell like the windscreen stickers where by you paste from the inside of the car. I guess that they are made of the same material.

2. As you can see from the last picture, the tips of my nails started to wear off after 4 days, I guess topcoat can actually increase the nail life of these stickers. (I didn’t paint a layer of top coat because I know that I will want paint my nails with something else after a few days. To those who wanna up their durability, top coat will be a good bet by sealing the ends of your nails.) On the other hand, I have applied a layer of base coat before sticking them on. This would really help during the removal. Sticky residues will be left over on your nails and all you’ll have to do is to remove the base coat using nail polish remover. The sticky residue will then be removed together with your base coat.

3. The instructions given aren’t very comprehensive. The idea is there but I would highly recommend watching a video from YouTube or elsewhere for clearer demonstration before you put them on.

4. Some essentials: NAIL FILE***, Orange Stick / Rubber Cuticle Pusher, Cuticle Cutter/Nipper.

  • Nail file is the most important equipment when applying nail stickers. I have no idea why was it not included in this packet. To me, it’s fine, I have a couple of nail files. However, for those who doesn’t file your nails frequently (or at all), you might have to get one.
  • This is like applying a screen protector over your smart phone’s screen, you would not want to have air bubbles underneath the sticker. An orange stick or rubber cuticle pusher will do the job of pushing out the air bubbles (if any). You can also use a finger to do that, but those with long nails might feel a little strain.
  • This is definitely optional. As you know, everyone has different widths for different fingernails. How can we make sure that these stickers actually fits so darn pretty well on to our nails?! Yep, you will have to cut away the excess width if the stickers are too big. I am just lucky enough that only one of the stickers I use has a sizing problem for me. I used a scissors instead as I left my cuticle nipper at home (I stay in a dorm).

Overall, I will give the durability an 8.5/10! I am really impressed because the previous nail stickers that I’ve used have really bad quality. The edges just cracked the very next day. & the removal was a pain in the ass (imagine removing a stubborn barcode sticker). On the other hand, the removal of this MDP1016 nail stickers was soooooooooooo easy! You can just peel them off in a piece nicely! No hassle, no fuss, no angst. I would definitely recommend these as the quality is there and the design is awesome.

Nail stickers are convenient alternatives for those who want to have pretty nails but prefer saving up the $ than heading to a nail salon. They are actually pretty good options if you have an up-coming event or in a rush to do your nails. However, if you are the kind who enjoy the process of painting your nails, then this might just be a one-time amazing experience.

If you are interested to get these pretty Nail Art Stickers, click here. For more nail stickers/nail wraps of different designs, click here. Born Pretty Store ships worldwide & don’t forget to use code PYX31 during check outs for 10% off! 😀

If you have any questions on how I manage to paste these stickers properly, feel free to kik me at user: pobbynails or drop me an email via the “Say Hi!” tab above/at . I will be more than willing to reply your inquiries! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Melodi MDP1016 Nail Art Sticker — Born Pretty Store

  1. Love it!
    How many times can you swatch for BPS?
    I’m waiting for my first swatch kit & already can’t wait to swatch more! 😀
    They have so many great products, don’t you think ? ❤

    • Thanks<3! You're fast! & I thought I spent quite some time on this review…

      I have no idea how many times can I do reviews for BPS! I just know that I don't want to combine all the items I have gotten from BPS together in a post because they are pretty much unrelated to each other.

      Yea they do have a wide range of awesome products! I have yet to try the others but so far I am rather impressed by the quality of the products given the price of it.

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