4mm Diamond Neon Nail Studs — Born Pretty Store

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Hi folks! It has been awhile since I last posted a review! Today, I’ll be bringing to you a review on Born Pretty Store’s 4mm Diamond Neon Studs.

I did not use to like Neon stuff because I find that they are too bright and loud. Even the highlighters that I am using are not within the neon series. However, neon nail studs changed my perception. I began to appreciate neon stuff as they could somehow (at times) spice up the manicure! (com’on, you’ve got to be wild at least once right?!)

These 4mm Diamond Nail Studs come in a set of 90 pieces. They were split into two packets of ~45. There are actually SIX colours to choose from (pink, orange, yellow, green, purple ,blue). & I chose pink! Just because pink matches more colours compared to the rest. 🙂 Moreover, these metallic studs are rather sturdy. They are definitely not made of some flimsy material.

Here are the main colours / polishes that I’ve used for this manicure.

From left to right:

PP401 – The Face Shop

BL605 – The Face Shop

PP407 – The Face Shop

PP403 – The Face Shop

Fairy Dust – China Glaze

 photo c2f0a69d-bc0f-4c75-8fec-7acb22e68bea_zps4f3a5cb0.png

Honestly, I can’t stop looking at my nails. I LOVE HOW THESE PINK STUDS STAND OUT FROM THE PURPLES!

Side track: I am really amazed by these purple polishes. They are the infamous SGD2.90 Face Shop polishes which most people deem them as “cheapos”. But to me, I rather use the word <affordable>. They are the ones that I first bought when I started out with nail art. It was then when I wasn’t sure whether nail art is my impulse interest or my long-term hobby. Being rather rational (did I just self-praise myself?), I decided to go with these polishes for the start and they did not fail me! So if you are a beginner or a student who can’t afford many expensive / renowned polishes, do give these a shot. But only buy colours that you like because I don’t consider them as very durable on nails.

I personally feel that 4mm is perfect if you want to have a stud on a nail. However, if you wanna add more studs on a nail, I suggest getting smaller sized studs. As you can see, 4mm studs practically covered up at least 1/3 of my nails. & also, the base of common studs are flat and most of us have round nail surface. So overcrowding of nail studs might not look as pleasant as you imagined.

Last but not least, do remember to seal in the sides of the studs to better secure the studs onto your nails if you don’t have nail glue! The below picture shows what happened after my bath when I didn’t seal the sides of the studs. (Please note that the studs are not to be blamed. It is the way that we have chosen to place the studs that affects the nail life of the studs.)

YES. TWO of them were stuck in my hair while shampooing! OMG. So here’s a video I did to show you guys how to seal the sides.

Another option is to paint the topcoat over the whole stud. This is a better option as it increases the durability and nail-life of the studs. I do this to my gold and silver studs but not to my neon ones because I wasn’t sure whether it will cause colour run. If you plan to paint over the whole stud, you can use a dotting tool and dot it with a little topcoat to pick up your studs like a wax pen.

To those who really dislike neon stuff, it’s time to start liking them! Start small. Start from your nails. 🙂 If you are interested to get these 4mm Neon studs, click here. For more Neon studs of different sizes, click here. Born Pretty Store ships worldwide & don’t forget to use code PYX31 during check outs for 10% off! 😀

Oh ya, exams are around the corner, I’ll probably be on a hiatus till then unless I have something to post. Till then folks! ❤




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    • I didn’t play The Sims! But I googled and the shape is really rather similar! ohoh, these studs are available in green too. HAHAHHAHAHA Enjoy your Sunday Rose and thanks for reading! ❤

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