Colour Blocking — Orly Sweet Collection Spring 2010

Hello Earthlings! So I heard Spring is here? (alright, no such thing in Singapore) So it’s time for some colour blocking! ! It has been quite sometime since I last did colour-blocking nails. As you can see, I’ve used some really sweet colours this time & they are all from Orly’s Spring 2010 Sweet Collection.

While everyone is moving on from the pastel-colours trend, I will never get over them. They are just so nice and mild. & they make me feel like a child again! Ladies, remember >> #NeverTooOldToBeSweet.

So here’s the collection. From left to right we have:

1. Lemonade — A pastel yellow. Almost similar to Lemon Fizz from ChinaGlaze but a little brighter!

2. Gumdrop — Mint! One of my favourites from this collection. It looks 90% similar to For Audrey from ChinaGlaze.

3. Pixy Stix — A bright and solid creme pink. Somewhere in between a hot pink and a pastel pink. ❤

4. Cotton Candy — This is a tricky one. It is a pink with a tinge of beige. A very creamy pink I should say.

5. Lollipop — A pastel violet shade. Another favourite from this collection! It’s a little darker compared to Light As Air from ChinaGlaze.

6. Snowcone — A creme indigo blue. Okay, probably THREE tones of purple lesser compare to Secret Periwinkle from ChinaGlaze.

P.S.: I just realised how much I compared these with China Glaze’s polishes! Honestly, Chinaglaze’s and FaceShop’s polishes are pretty much my basic colour palette right now. I use them for most of the nail art that I do.

In fact, after doing some research, I realised that Orly actually coupled each of these bottles with a lip gloss of similar colour! (photo credits: NailsByLaura)


These are my first Orlies and I must say that Orly has really captured my heart. Despite being creme polishes, their formulas are not streaky at all! They are a little watery as compared to creme polishes from other brands that I own, however, their coverage wasn’t a problem for me. I  very much wanted to swatch them all but time just doesn’t allow. Exams are in 25 days time. Got to catch up with my work!

I got this set of Orly polishes from Carousell (AGAIN) for SGD26. According to my friend, I really scored an awesome deal as a bottle can easily cost up to SGD8-11 in Singapore. However, this set was pre-loved. Therefore, other than Pixy Stix, the others have been used once (according to the seller).

Although this is a 2010 collection, I’ve  found many sellers who are still selling them! Found a couple on which costs as low as USD5.62 (with and without the lip gloss). For Singapore buyers, I’ve found it on ChioChio (which is famous for her wide Zoya collection) for SGD11.90 per bottle. Yes, definitely a little pricey compared to Amazon or eBay, but we also know that it is not easy to obtain goods of brands from USA at a low price *sighs*. I’ve also found a couple of sellers on Carousell that are selling Gumdrop and Cotton Candy. Just search “Orly” and you’ll see it (definitely lower than SGD11.90)!

If you’re looking for some perfect pastel shades, there you go! 🙂




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