Ice Duo — Butter London

Next up! Butter London’s Double Take — Ice Duo. Butter London released this along with Fire Duo for 2013 holiday season.

The original price was SGD27 at Sephora Singapore. I scored a brand new set @ SGD10 on Carousell! Lucky girl! The seller received it as a gift but wasn’t keen to use it. So I VOLUNTEERED. 🙋

The Ice Duo set contains a midnight blue base colour, Bluecoat, as well as a partial iridescent flaky topper,  Leccy.

Bluecoat has a really great formula & as expected from butter London,  it has a relatively thin brush which is awesome for people with small nail surface.

Leccy mainly contains teal, bronze, indigo and blue flakes that are irregular in shape. It does not work as well when it is used alone. In fact, it SHOULD be used as a topper. Leccy is actually one of the few polishes in which I feel that it looks nicer indoors compared to under the sun. It reflects a little too much under bright light and loses it’s natural beauty.

This picture was taken indoors and look at how stunning the flakes are on Bluecoat! If you are a glitter lover (like me) and wanna take a break from glitters, you can try this out! 🙂 It is still available on butter London’s online store. For those from Singapore, I doubt you can find it at Sephora, but I’ve seen a couple of sellers on Carousell who are selling this.

Have a great day ahead! Toodles~




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