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Hello everyone! Today, I’ll be bringing you a review on Born Pretty Store’s  Houndstooth/Dragonfly/Floral Stamping Plate as well as some useful tips for stamping! If you are wondering what is stamping, click here (a tutorial done by one of my favourite youtubers). 🙂

So the above shows the plate that I’ve gotten from Born Pretty Store. It contains mainly three big designs that can cover your whole nail and a couple of floral prints.

Most of us should know that stamping plates usually come in a circle shape or an octagonal shape. For this QA81 plate, despite being octagonal, the sides are surprisingly NOT SHARP! 🙂

P.S.:Personally, I’ve been cut by the sides of some counterfeit stamping plates that I’ve bought from elsewhere. So do be careful when you are handling those plates, they might be cheap but it comes with a certain level of risk.

So this is the end result! I have been wanting to do Houndstooth nails since 123456789 years ago, but I am always lazy to draw it. I’ve seen many tutorials on how to do houndstooth nails but I just can’t convince myself to do it because of the amount of time that I will potentially spend. So when BPS asked me to choose some items that I would like to review, I ADDED THIS IMMEDIATELY. However, I was contemplating whether I am ready and able to review stamping plates. This is because I seldom stamp and when I do, 50% of the times I FAIL. & then somehow I realised what was the problem — 50% of my stamping plates are “fake” plates. Why the quote? Because they still work, but not as well.

I was really surprised by the quality of image that I am able to transfer using this QA81 plate. Honestly, I have not been very successful in stamping, but this totally gave me a confidence boost. When I thought that my hound might ended up going around toothless, this proved me wrong!

I have tried out the other images on the plate and they work pretty well too! If you want a quick and precise manicure, stamping’s for you! But be prepared for clean ups. You’ll probably want to prepare 2 x Napkins, 2 x cotton pad, 3 x Q-tip and your nail polish remover. 🙂

If you are interested to get this awesome plate, click here. For more stamping plates, click here. Born Pretty Store ships worldwide & don’t forget to use code PYX31 during check outs for 10% off! 😀


While stamping, I noticed a few problems and mistakes that I’ve encountered and made. So here are some tips/advice (based on my observation)! To stamp well, we need to consider a few factors.


  1. The Stamping Plate
  2. The Drying Time/Viscosity of Stamping Polish
  3. Your Swiftness
  4. The Stamper
  5. The Dryness of the Base colour

1. The Stamping plate \\  Basically, a stamping plate is a platform to create the image. It is a plate with various image depressions on it in which the stamping polish will fill them up. Therefore, a good stamping plate has to have depressions that are “deep” enough so that an adequate amount of stamping polish can fill the images up and remain wet before transferring (from plate to stamper). What do I mean by “remain wet”? Let’s look at no.2.

2. The Drying Time/Viscosity of Stamping Polish \\ When the image depressions of the stamping plate are shallow, the amount of stamping polish needed to fill the depressions also decrease. Hence, polishes dry up faster as these depressions are probably less than 1mm in depth. What happens when they dry up? Yea, you cannot transfer. Therefore, other than a good plate, a good stamping polish is also needed. If you have purchased stamping polishes before, you will realized that their consistencies are thicker. Such polish will not dry up as fast as normal polishes. Therefore, it gives us extra time to transfer the image to our stamper and then to stamp on our nails. But many of us know that stamping polishes that are specially made for stamping do not come cheap. Therefore, I use polishes that older –> older polishes tend to be stickier/ less watery.

 photo 2db0adec-adeb-4dcc-be88-5b52b0e0db72_zps25831756.png

These include some of the polishes that I have used for the Houndstooth Manicure.

From left to right:

  • Base Coat – OPI Original Nail Envy, Top Coat – Glisten & Glow HK Girl
  • Black Stamping Polish: Glitza No.38 (From drugstore Guardian)
  • White Stamping Polish: OPI Alpine Snow (became sticky before I have the chance to use it for at least 10 times)
  • Base Polishes that dries pretty fast: Circuits (black) — L.A. colors, WH001(white) — Missha

3. Your Swiftness \\ Stamping is a battle with the rate of evaporation of very small amount of solvents in the stamping polish. Therefore, time is the essence here! When I first started stamping a few months ago, I was very disappointed in myself. After numerous practice, I realized that I should not spend so much time on positioning the stamper and my nails because the transferred image on the stamper itself actually contains even lesser stamping polish than that that filled the image depressions. So it literally evaporates twice as fast = you need to stamp twice as fast compared to the time you used to pick up the image to your stamper.

4. The Stamper \\ Stamping on nails involves two main steps. 1. Transferring, 2. Stamping. The Stamper you use is important because it is the one that you “trust” to pick up your image from the stamping plate and the one you “believe” that will be able to stamp pretty images on your nails. If the surface of the stamper is not good, we will either be picking up half images or stamp a few dots. I am using the Konad’s double side Stamper and Scrapper set.  I got them from qoo10.sg, you can easily get it from Amazon or eBay. I heard that Konad was the first company that came out with this technique (which I think is brilliant). So I trust their products! HAHA. As I’ve mentioned, I seldom stamp. So I guess I will not be getting those big stamping machines at the moment.

5. The Dryness of the Base colour \\ I bet you would not dare to touch your freshly painted nails without applying quick dry or fast drying topcoat. & yes! Your stamper gets to come in contact with your nails even before you! Stamping requires a certain amount of strength too. Therefore, we have to make sure that the base colour on our nails is dry before stamping (if not we will be seeing an avalanche pattern towards one side of our nails). Having said this, we can actually paint a layer of fast drying top coat before stamping. Personally, I prefer waiting as I do not like to have thick layers of polish over my nails. So if possible, I will choose base polishes that are thin and dries fast! 🙂

I hope these can help to clear some doubts and help those with mega problems during stamping! I’m still learning and trying to improve too! 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤





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