Time to relax — Manicure!

Hello everyone! So here are some of the nails and designs that I have painted for the others! 🙂 This is more of a #throwback post in a reverse chronological order. Really had fun painting for all of them. & girls, thanks for trusting me with your nails!

Birthday nails for Gerlyn last week!

Totally in love with Douceur by piCture pOlish! I kept telling her that Douceur is very nice and she kept telling me to paint it on my nails! HAHA but I had my fresh mani on. So I had to pass.

Finally had time to paint for Jie Ling! Snow in Love from Serum No. 5. I tend to choose light and pastel colours for people with short nails, unless they already have a design in mind.

Chinese New Year nails for Rachel! She chose the Daisies and Studs manicure that I’ve done before. Rachel wanted to use her blue base for this manicure, so I asked her to come with the base on & gave her a discount for it!

Close up on the Daisies! I really like the contrast between the colours.

Chinese New Year nails for Cheryl! Sweet pastels with triangle mosaic nails as accent! I can never get enough of pastels even though they are not exactly the leading trend now.

Click here for a pictorial on Triangle Mosaic Nails!

Christmas nails for Natalie! This session was funny! Nat kept looking at her nails and she had this default smiley face while I was painting. AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

ELLO. Xmas Minion nails for Jane! That was the very first time we had a long conversation. I’m glad that we had stuff to talk about! I really can’t imagine a quiet session with anyone. It’ll just make me nervous.

Xmas Minions were inspired by @nailstorming and the other nails were inspired by @demelzasworld.

This was a recreation of my first glitter gradient manicure. Hui Ling had to attend a wedding dinner the next day, so a speck of glam should be appropriate!

A fall mix for Eileen! The colours are really distinct but somehow they matched with each other despite being so different!

Simple glitter gradient nails using Chinaglaze Light As Air and Fairy Dust for Isabelle. Once again, short nails! Light colours never fail short nails. NEVER! 😛

P.S: I provide manicure services in Singapore (mainly Sengkang and NTU for now)! If you are interested, do click here for any questions, drop me an email at pobbynails@gmail.com, or message me via Facebook anytime! & Of course, my rates for nail art are definitely lower than that in nail salons. So just feel free to contact me for quotes! Also, bring a friend along and enjoy 10% off both your bills! 🙂

“ Your nails deserve to be pretty.




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