The Nailies — #singapore

Hi peeps! Today’s post will be a little different than usual. 🙂

Yesterday, I met up with my fellow friends who are also nail addicts. Believe it or not, we met each other through Instagram(IG)! Given that the nail community on IG is so huge, whenever I see people stating “SINGAPORE” in their Instagram bio, I will go “ohh mahhh gahhh!”. The very first person that I’ve talked to (from the picture below) is Karise. She commented on one of my pictures and when I clicked on her IG profile.. OHHH MAH GAHHH. Then slowly I get to know Kay (who studies in the same university as me) and the others.

This is the second meet up for most us.

From Left to Right:

`Karise (nailsbykarise)

`Zenna (themanicuredmissy)

`Celestine (celestialwish)

`Shi Li (sushinails)

`Kay (twentysixnails)

`Me (pobbynails)

`Audree (ohdreenails)

`Karen (pinkpixiepie)

`Sandra (beefette)

I’ve linked their names to their blogs and IG names to their IG, do check them out!

The above picture shows our signature pose during meet ups! HAHAHAHHA.

What we’ll normally do is to set a theme & then we will follow the theme and do up our own manicure! This time, our theme was RIBBONS, BOWS AND DOTS. I did a collage of our nails! LOOK AT ALL THE COLOURS!

& HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARISE! Stay happy and healthy!


Here’s a solo shot of my nails. I’ve followed a youtube tutorial made by Fra Pera  for the ribbon. 🙂


Back then, we had only six people in our group. We decided to to do sextuplets nails  (opps but Zenna had her nails done before that).

 Our first meet up was near Christmas. SO WE HELD A CHRISTMAS EXCHANGE! (the secret santa style)

My secret Santa was Zenna!

P.S.: Fell in love with the red polish. Diamonds and Rubies by Sally Hansen. BEST APPLICATION ON EARTH!

We share tips and lobangs ( it literally means hole in Malay, figuratively it means opportunity ). We update each other on sales and discounts. We buy things (polishes) together. We spend and became poor together. It’s no longer my hobby when I’m with them. It’s ours. ❤ Love you girls!




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