Gild Free — Serum No. 5

Gild Free with star studs!

Hi folks! It’s Wednesday! That means two more days to FRIDAY! 😀

After evaporating all possible water molecules here, mother nature finally decided to rain! Two days in a row, Singapore finally rained after such a LONGGGGGG hot and dry period! So that’s that. Today, I am bringing to you Gild Free from Serum No. 5! Let’s go!

Gild Free in bottle

On the left is how it looks like when I received it and on the right, it is a 15ml sand-coloured crelly with gold glitters swimming in it! Gild Free was released near last Christmas in the Holiday13 Collection. Initially, I was only interested in Snow in Love and Friendly Tiffs (both from Serum No.5 Holiday13 too). While I was adding them to my cart and randomly scrolling through the list of polishes, my eyes were (totally) caught by this unique combination! So in the end, I satisfied my guilty pleasure by tossing it into my shopping cart. :/ BUT THERE WERE NO REGRETS. NO.

P.S: As Singapore is located away from most indie polish makers in US and Australia etc. , we usually rely on a couple of stockists that are really nice to bring them here! I got my Serums from Mei Mei Signatures in February 2014 when she started stocking the Holiday13 Collection.

Indoor Swatch under Table lamp

The above is an indoor swatch of Gild Free under a table lamp with a couple of star studs! This was suppose to be a nail art post but I turned it into a swatch post (pardon me!) as I thought it would be nice if I can combine both.




Consistency / Formula

Similar to most of the crellies that I have. The picture shows a dip of the polish without any removal of excess. As you may/may not see, the glitter coverage is actually pretty awesome. Unlike some crellies which have different colours of glitters, Gild Free only contain gold glitters and holo glitters of different sizes. Hence, application wise, you need not try to “dig”for the colour of the glitter you want as everything will just look naturally nice when you paint it.

Studs from BornPrettyStore

I got my studs from Born Pretty Store. This set contains studs of different shapes such as tear drops, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, rice etc. You can get them by clicking here. I must say that I really really love this set of studs. Probably my favourite set out of all the sets that I have. These studs really spiced up my manicure and brings Gild Free to life. Especially the red stars, they did not disappoint me! 🙂 Also, feel free to use my BornPrettyStore code: PYX31 during your checkouts to get 10% off your total bill! BPS ships for free worldwide!  How ups is that! HAHA

Alright, I shall stop here for today. I hope you like this! Good night everyone!




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