Aurora — piCture pOlish

Hello folks! In line with my blog’s header picture, here is my very first swatch/review post. This is Aurora from piCture pOlish. Ever since the release of  its swatches, many has been drooling over it (including me). As obvious as the picture speaks, Aurora is an iridescent topper polish with minute glitters. It is best used with a black base on your nails. Together with four other polishes (or maybe five because PP has just announced a +1 to the collection), this series is categorized under the Limited Edition and in particular, only ONE Aurora polish can be ordered/purchased by each piCture pOlish account. I got this after their first restock. So let’s have a look at whether it lives up to its name!

Here is a picture of the bottle that I have taken under sunlight. Well, nothing impressive…yet.

 photo PhotoGrid_1394777435182_zps1fa98606.png

How about this?

Under Sunlight

Rather than duo chrome, I would say that it is between duo and multi. A perfect blend between a pinkish-purple and a peacock green!<3 & Sometimes with a little hue of other colours.

Personally, I think that the main thing that differentiates Aurora from the usual duo/multi chrome polishes is that it contains little glitters that looks rather define to almost everyone. If you look at my current header picture, it is a picture of Aurora Borealis with the night sky. These glitters in the polish mimics the effect of the stars on Aurora Borealis (<< my humble opinion), and that’s why the polish looks ASDASDASDASD AWESOME!

Real look?

As this is a multi chrome topper, many (including me before buying) would wonder how true do these pictures reflect the real look on our nails. So here are a few pictures that I have taken under “normal” amount of sunlight in attempt to try to show you the “real” look. By normal I mean not too bright and not too dark. The previous pictures were taken under strong sunlight to show the “potential” of Aurora.

Under the normal sunlight, the picture above shows decently (at least to me) how it looks like.

& Next up, an indoor swatch.

 photo PhotoGrid_1394777292313_zps40a035f5.png

During the night or when you’re in your room, this is probably what you will see if you face your nails directly — 95% green + 5% chance of pink hue with deliberate change of the angles of your fingers.  Honestly, I am not a fan of green polishes. However, it is not a very big deal for me as I know Mr Sun will always be up the next morning! 😀

 photo PhotoGrid_1394777525402_zps19ed6724.png

Formula / Consistency 

Hmmm. What can I say. Okay… good…. decent.. ALRIGHT! SO BASICALLY IT HAS NO PROBLEMS. Since it serves as a topper, it has a natural thin (absolutely NOT watery) formula. In this case, I painted two coats of Aurora over my black base (L.A. colors — Circuits). However, it all depends how much polish you picked up. Sometimes, one coat will suffice. Of course, to enhance the shine and the shelf life of your manicure, end it with your favourite top coat.





during the day.

If you are interested in getting the Limited Editions, click here!

Long post for a swatch! Yes indeed, probably because I was excited much about my very first swatch post. Moreover, I truthfully want to give an honest review. No polish is ever 100% good or bad. If you have gotten yourself a polish and realize how bad the formula or application is, think about what was it that appeals to you which made you buy it in the first place! 🙂




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