My Nail Care Routine (part 1)

Hi everyone! I still remember how extensively I painted my nails when I first started out with nail art. I painted and painted as if the nail polish remover was free. One day, as I was looking at my naked nails, I was shocked by how horrible they look! Yellow, surface peeling, dried skin at the sides and cuticles that were half-grown! That was when I know they need a break and that was when I started with basic nail care routine. So firstly, here’s a picture of my current nails that I’ve posted on my Instagram recently. It was a good-nail day and so I decided to go all naked that weekend. They are not perfect. However, I think that they are currently in the best condition since the start of my hobby. Read on to learn how I maintain my nails! (if you’re lazy to read, pictures are rather self-explanatory too)


Number 1 — Cuticles pushing

Like many manicure maniacs, I push my cuticles back from time to time. Cuticles are the skin at the end of your nails where your “new” nails grow out. Its function is to cover the open area between your nails and flesh, so as to protect and prevent harmful foreign particles from entering and cause infection. The purpose of pushing back cuticles is to make your nails look longer and neater. However, pushing your cuticles back does not necessarily mean that you are removing them. Basically, from my own observation, it is just removing the “extra” part of the cuticles that is visible to us. Part of it still remains to carry out its function! Moreover, I think pushing of cuticles actually help to scrape off some dead skin at the side of our nails.

P.S: Many people actually remove their cuticles by using a cuticle nipper. I’ve tried that for a few times and I do not fancy it. Firstly, I have yet to master the technique of nipping cuticles. Second and more importantly, I feel safer with my cuticles on!

So the picture below shows the items that I use to push back my cuticles.


 1. A bucket of warm water

2. Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover

3. Metal Cuticle Pusher

4. Napkins (a must)


I got my cuticle pusher from a seller from @SGD5.90. Honestly, it was overpriced! You can easily get one @SGD2.90 approx. from PNC which is located at Chinatown.  I chose a metal cuticle pusher over a rubber one as it works better for me. Well, many chose the rubber ones as they are softer and milder on nails I suppose. But choose what you prefer! 🙂


You can find Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover almost anywhere. I got mine from Watsons. This actually helps in removing the visible parts of our cuticles. There are many brands of cuticle removers. I chose this because it was the only one available for me in Watsons when I wanted to get one. On the right are the instructions for using it. For the benefit of those who cannot really see it from the picture, I shall type them out!

Cuticles: Squeeze on cuticles & under nail tips. After 15 seconds, push back cuticles. Wash excess immediately & thoroughly with warm, soapy water. WARNING: Do not leave on longer than 1 minute. Keep fingers away from eyes during use. Do not use more than twice weekly or on broken or sensitive skin.”  — Sally Hansen

The following pictures pretty much gives a simple demonstration of the steps.


Step 1: Soak your fingers into the bucket of warm water for a minute or so. This is to soften your cuticles so that the removal is easier.

Step 2: Apply the cuticle remover.

Honestly, I find it hard to abide to the 15-second rule in the instructions given because I am used to applying it to five fingers at once.


Step 3: PUSH.

Align the cuticle pusher to one side of the nail and start pushing in. Go from one side to the other systematically. You can try to shape the ends of your nails too.


Step 4: END IT NOW.

On the left, is what you will get from pushing the cuticles of one nail. (Sorry about the picture, but I feel that this picture can actually show you what’s going on.) Every time the pusher looks like this,  you will need to clean away those stuff on your come-in-handy napkins. After finishing the above steps, you will want to wash away all the residue on your nails as shown above.  WASH THOROUGHLY!


Here’s a comparison picture of before and after. I am not sure whether you are able to see the difference, but definitely a yes for me! 😀

Then, here comes the post-pushing maintenance!

Nail Envy

Number 2 — Strengthener

I’ve hopped on to the OPI – Nail Envy bandwagon not too long ago. That was because my mum’s nails are very thin and weak. They break really easily. So I introduced this to her as I have read many positive reviews about it. Bascially, Nail-Envy strengthens your nail by making it harder. Just apply a coat to your nails everyday. However, you have got to use it long enough to feel its effect. 1-2 weeks I guess?

This bottle in the picture is a mini version which was given to me by my brother’s friend. Got the actual size bottle from BeautySoFly @SGD17.50 including shipping fee. You can also get it from PNC @SGD18 or (seller: Nailpolicious) which has the full range of the OPI Nail-Envy Series for different nail conditions. Nailpolicious ships and processes orders real quick. Got most of my Chinaglaze polishes from her!

Hand Creams

Number 3 — Hand Creams!

What are nice nails without nice fingers! Alright. My fingers are not good looking or nice to begin with but essential moisturizing is needed for your hands! Can you imagine them rough, cracking and dry? Not for me! I was trying to get my hands on Burt’s Bee Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, but it was out of stock when I went to Sephora @Plaza Singapura Extension last December. Given my tight schedule, I have been using these two hand creams way before I went to search for BB cuticle cream! The left is Cath Kidston’s Blossom and the right is from Crabtree and Evelyn’s Evelyn Rose. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! THEY SMELL SOOOOO GOOD and they are not oily like most creams! I apply them as and when I see them or when they suddenly appear in my mind.

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil

Number 4 — Cuticle Oil! (MUST)

Last but not least, Cuticle oil. Honestly speaking, I must confess that I have a lazy nature. However, I will diligently apply this every night before I sleep. It works wonders! Cuticle oil provides maximum moisture for your cuticles. Apply them adequately, you will see the difference over time. Of course, the effect on different people is different. Similarly, there are many brands of cuticle oils. I chose Sally Hansen’s Vitamin E Cuticle oil because of the same reason why I chose SH’s Instant Cuticle Remover. Again, I got them from Watsons @$12.50 each. However, there was a 1 for 1 sale last month. So I got two @$12.50! *OH YES.*

There are actually a little left for My Nail Care Routine. I shall post about it next time in EPISODE 2! Stay tune! 🙂

P.S: Sometimes I like to relate my work and life to my posts. I hope that you will not feel that it is a hassle to read! I’m just being me. I like to share stuff, especially those that are worth it for everyone. 🙂 3 hours on this post and it is 6.16am here in Singapore. Still new to WordPress and just realised that there is a 3GB media limit. Oh man. In any case, thank you for popping by! ❤



Disclaimer: Steps/Opinions mentioned are purely from my judgement. I am no professional. It is up to your discretion to believe/follow them. However, I do not take any responsibilities for any of your loss. *Have to state this, just in case!*


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